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Using Article Directories For SEO

Article submissions have long been recognized as a strategy for generating site visitors and even with alterations in technology is nonetheless regarded as a useful traffic generation tactic. Even though search engine policies keep changing and Panda and Penguin up-dates dropped a whole lot of ranking websites you ought to nevertheless try and incorporate article marketing in your search engine marketing technique. Efficient SEO Techniques
Internet marketers are constantly on the lookout for the most effective techniques of posting content articles to get the very best final results, so we will look at the fundamentals in getting started. Efficient SEO Techniques

Article Web Directories

It is a great strategy to begin by submitting your content articles to one of the very best recognized article web directories, specifically Ezine Articles. This is a very well recognized website and has developed a standing as a helpful source of information and supplier of details. More significantly it has a substantial following of readers, which indicates probable visitors for you.

Signing up for Ezine Articles as a article writer is not complicated, providing you adhere to their submission rules, and as soon as you are accepted you can begin submitting your content articles. They have some really particular rules as to what you can and canít do but provided you adhere to these you should not have as well many difficulties. For example the content material you publish will have to be unique, not just copied from another source, and you can not fill up your content with links, just one at the bottom, which you will be making use of to promote your money site or specific niche market.
As soon as your article is approved it is not uncommon to find you can begin ranking with Google, of course how high you rank will be dependent on the competitive niche market of your subject matter. You can help your SEO process along by creating additional links to your article which will help give it a boost up the search engines.

Backlinking Methods

Simplistically off page SEO is about obtaining a higher page one Google position and though a variety of strategies are utilized to accomplish this one of the most beneficial is the link building procedure. Essentially Google views high quality links to your website as meaning your website has value and rewards you by improving your web page ranking.

A really simple technique of including backlinks to your article is to publish your author RSS feed and distribute it to RSS web directories. There are a number of kinds of software programs that can do this or you can do it by hand. Get started off with 10 RSS feeds at first and build up to a lot more over a regular period of time. You ought to keep a notepad or excel spreadsheet history of every directory that you have posted your feed to so that you really don't duplicate the process.

An additional helpful suggestion is to ping your content articles with one of the numerous free ping websites on the internet.

You can also do social bookmarking on your article. Once again this can be accomplished with software or manually based upon your spending budget and time limitations. You could be amazed as to how a properly written article can benefit from getting submitted to for instance Digg or StumbleUpon for links and site visitors.

Point out your article on your Twitter feed or face book, all great techniques for getting your write-up noticed and back linked.

In Conclusion

There are lots of article web directories on the net that you can publish your article too, some having a great deal more value than others. Just do a search for article web directories and locate those that are most popular to publish your articles too. This is a really fast way to get your website indexed and back linked which all make contributions toward your search engine optimization technique.

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